Equipment mobilisation for a start-up mine in Kyrgyzstan


To mobilise various plant and machinery from multiple supply locations for delivery to a new mine in Kyrgyzstan.


  • FCA, various sites, USA
  • FCA, various sites, Japan
  • FCA, various sites, Europe
  • FCA, various sites, Australia


FOR Kyrgyzstan

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Job Specifics – Shipping to Kyrgyzstan

Freightplus took receipt of heavy machinery at various consolidation points.  The equipment included mining trucks, wheel loaders, bull dozers, motorgraders, cranes, diggers, crushers, drilling equipment, support vehicles and service modules.  Once the equipment from multiple supply sources had been consolidated, Freightplus personnel prepared it for shipment and SGS inspections were coordinated and attended prior to dispatch. Before shipment, all equipment had to be winterised to sub 35 degrees Celsius to cope with conditions at destination.

For machinery purchased from Australia and the U.S,  Freightplus used regular RORO carriers to Bremerhaven, in Germany,where it was consolidated with equipment sourced from within Europe.  Upon arrival at Bremerhaven, Freightplus crew in Germany attended vessel discharge, coordinated import Customs formalities and transported a convoy of machines by road, into Eastern Europe.  Here, it connected with Russian rail.  Technical drawings had already been approved by the Russian rail authorities and once all cargoes had arrived, they were transported by Russian rail, through Kazakhstan and into Kyrgyzstan, under armed guard.

Cargoes from Japan were consolidated at Freightplus’ Osaka yard and Customs export formalities completed before shipping by FESCO RO/RO vessel to Vladivostok.  On arrival Vladivostok, cargo was cleared for transhipment and loaded, by the exclusive Freightplus agent, onto rail wagons for the journey to Kyrgyzstan, under armed guard.

Arrangements had been made with the destination station master for acceptance of our over-sized cargoes and 40′ containers of parts and service modules for collection by the client.  As with all consignments we rail through Russia and Central Asia, Freightplus provided daily shipment status reports, updating delivery dates and times.


In full, on time and within budget.  Freightplus continues to provide services to this mine.


Freightplus. Worldwide.

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