Top mining projects set for expansion in 2017

March 3, 2017


A high demand for resources from global superpowers such as China is bringing new feelings of confidence to the world’s mining industries. This international demand is bolstering exploration efforts, ensuring there are a number of major mining projects set to either get underway or expand throughout 2017.

The new and growing activity isn’t limited to one region either, with the following list including projects from Australia through to Peru and Africa. As mining industries grow and recede across the world, companies shipping mining equipment to meet demand need to be aware of how to transport their machinery safely from project to project.

Carmichael Coal Mine to boost activity in Australia

The ups and downs of Australia’s mining industry have been well publicised over the past few years, but ongoing exploration and continued investment from economic superpowers such as China has ensured a certain level of resilience. However, last year the Carmichael Coal Mine in Brisbane received government approval to be built in the Galilee Basin in Queensland.

The project is a major one, with the open-cut and underground mine sections expected to produce up to 60 million tonnes of coal per year. A railway line stretching almost 400 kilometres will be a valuable companion to the mine, helping with the transport of raw materials from the site.

The project also set a new standard in Queensland by being labelled critical infrastructure, the first time a mining project has received that distinction in seven years. Overall, the project will be worth $21.7 billion across the coal and rail elements and is expected to begin construction this year.

Government stimulus brings mining activity to Peru

A number of mining projects across Peru are expected to grow significantly throughout 2017 thanks to an initiative from the national government that includes an economic stimulus package and a more streamlined process for mining projects needing approval unveiled back in 2014.

The Toquepala mine expansion could double the facility’s copper output.

Since the initiative’s announcement, a series of major projects have moved forward, with the US$1.2 billion open-pit mine expansion in Toquepala a flagship project for Southern Copper. In an article for published on January 12, Southern Copper CEO Óscar González Rocha said the project was around 40 per cent completed. It’s expected to be completed by the end of 2017, which will double the facility’s daily copper production once the extensions are up and running in 2018.

The country’s copper production may continue to rise even further across 2017 if the controversial Tia Maria project is able to get off the ground. The project has been an ongoing source of social conflict in Peru, and its future is currently unclear.

Gold production set to increase worldwide

A summary from published last year predicted a strong year for gold mining in 2017, as projects across the world moved through construction and planning phases to finally reach the commercial production stage. Canada’s Brucejack mine is set to be one of the largest, with 16.5 million tonnes in reserves.

At last update from Pretivm, the mine’s owner, the project has received all necessary funding and permissions. With construction continuing throughout 2016, the project’s owners are confident that commercial production will start in 2017.

Despite starting late last year, Roxgold’s Yaramoko mine in Burkina Faso will ramp up significantly throughout 2017. The mine is currently ahead of schedule, and its owners are predicting efficiency gains in the coming years now that production is underway.

Globally, mining remains a strong and diverse industry, with projects across a range of regions and mineral types providing plenty of opportunities. As these projects and others continue to evolve, reliable and safe shipping of the necessary machinery will be essential to their ongoing success.


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