Australian Port Update

April 4, 2022

Australian Port Update

Latest Update: 9th May 2022.

Ports across Australia are experiencing considerable delays. The following is an update on the current wait times at ports across the country.

PCC/RORO Terminals yard situation around the country

Pls note, due to vessel and berth congestion in most ports around the country which is resulting in extended waiting times for vessels to berth and commence cargo operations, the port dates on the schedules have been adjusted to nearest predicted cargo operations commencement dates. These dates are continuously being monitored and will be updated if there are any changes.  Please note that the adjustments are not applied to vessels that have not yet departed overseas ports.


AAT FICT expects to experience Berth & Yard congestion upto Thursday 17th May 2022 due to the number of vessels expected during this period and T/S cargo arriving.  Waiting anticipated to extend up to 5 days during above period and before returning to 0-1 day again.

AAT FICT expects to experience Berth & Yard congestion from Monday 25th April to Thursday 8th May 2022 due to the number of vessels expected during this period and T/S cargo arriving.   Waiting time anticipated to gradually extend to 3 days during this period before returning to 0-1 day again.

A Yellow Caterpillar Dump Trunk is being unloaded from a breakbulk vessel at a Port.

Port Kembla

AAT Port Kembla Yard is looking good with less than 700 T/S cargo remaining in the yard. Yard is at 80% capacity and expect to reach max capacity by end of today. Wait times before berthing have reduced to 1-3 days and vessels are commencing cargo ops after berthing as yard space is become available. While there may be some delays in the following week, times to berth and discharge will progressively improve and AAT expects to clear the current congestion around the 10th of May.  AAT Terminal is not be accepting future Brisbane or Melbourne transhipment in the short term as it is just exacerbating the congestion problem.

Port Kembla has close to 6000 T/S units for other Australian Ports which are occupying almost 40% of yard capacity. These are expected to clear from this weekend through to next week.  Current waiting time is about 5-7 days, and expected to improve from next week onwards as the T/S cargo will be loaded on vessels. Presently 8 PCC vessels are waiting / at anchor off Port Kembla due to congestion.


Melbourne yard situation has eased and wait times have reduced considerably to 0~1 day and congested yard is gradually easing.  MIRRAT schedules indicate limited vessel arrivals next week which may assist in easing some more yard congestion in Melbourne.

Melbourne is at max capacity following the ANZAC Day long weekend. Vessels waiting up to 2 days to commence cargo ops and staying extended hours at berth due to lack of yard space for laydown of cargo. 8 vessels have called Melbourne over the ANZAC Day long weekend and this is leading to congestion during this week.


Fremantle port sees easing of yard congestion from this week till next week with minimal delays on vessels calling.  Fremantle “H” berth will be closed form 16-21 May for fender replacement.  No vessels are to berth within the mentioned dates.

  • CSAV Rio Nevado V4 is intending to omit Fremantle (TBC).

Fremantle port yard will be at max capacity. H Berth is scheduled for repairs for the 16th of May to the 21st of May. Delays expected.


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