Australian Wharf Update

May 5, 2022

Australian Wharf Update

17th of May, 2022

Port congestion doesn’t seem to be making any improvements. The following containers the latest wait time information for Australian Wharfs.



AAT FICT expects to experience Berth & Yard congestion upto Thursday 29th May 2022 due to the number of vessels expected during this period and T/S cargo arriving.  Current PCC vessels berthing have been waiting for 7-8 days. Waiting anticipated to extend due to the intermittent suspension of pilotage services as some backlog may occur resulting in further delays in coming days.  Pls refer to details from Harbour Master sent on separate msg (Brisbane wave heights forecast & today’s berth schedule attached).


Port Kembla  

AAT Port Kembla presently has not so significant number of T/S cargo remaining in the yard. The yard has however reached close to 98%.  Wait times before berthing have reduced to 1 day and vessels are commencing cargo ops after berthing as much as possible.  While there may be some delays in the following week, times to berth and discharge will progressively improve and AAT expects to resume normal operations.


AAT Terminal is not accepting future Brisbane or Melbourne transhipment in the short term as it is just exacerbating the congestion problem.



Melbourne yard situation has deteriorated again due to high volumes of cargo arriving this week and wait times increased to 2-3 days.  MIRRAT are anticipating by Sunday evening yard will reach capacity.  As a result they expect delays of up to 48 hours to vessel operations through the beginning of next week.  Western Hwy will be affected by these delays in addition to Polaris Highway (faced about 2 days waiting time).


A spike today in quarantine held cargo has placed pressure on MIRRAT’s yard capacity and consumed space which was earmarked for vessel operations.



Port anticipated to be full by end of the week.  Fremantle “H” berth will be closed form 16-21 May for fender replacement.  No vessels are to berth within the mentioned dates.


–                      CSAV Rio Nevado V4 is intending to omit Fremantle (TBC).


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