Changes to import conditions for new and used machinery and equipment

June 6, 2013

Who does this notice affect?
Importers of new and/or used machinery and equipment.
What has changed?
New import conditions have been approved for new and used machinery and equipment. The previous 14 ICON cases have been streamlined into four cases.

  • Each case covers all countries and the standard end use: ‘All uses other than as animal foods, fertilisers or for growing purposes’;
  • The new, unused declaration and commercially remanufactured declaration is now able to be signed by a company representative (which may be in the country of import);
  • The cleanliness declaration for used machinery has been removed;
  • Machinery profiles have been reviewed to improve referral of risk commodities;
  • Treatments for contamination have been streamlined;
  • Search synonyms for the cases have been updated to ensure the appropriate import conditions are selected for the commodity being imported; and
  • DAFF will more closely monitor break bulk cargo movements over large distances.

The changes will result in simpler, clearer and better defined import conditions for imported machinery and equipment.
There will be no increased financial or administration requirements for industry.
Existing import permits will be updated and sent systematically once the new conditions take effect.

Further information?
The new ICON cases will be available on ICON as of 24 June 2013 and take effect immediately once published.
If you have any questions please contact the Machinery and Military Program on 07 3246 8706 or email


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