New Monthly Shipping Link for Tasmania

March 3, 2013

Boost to Freightplus services for Tasmania’s machinery importers and exporters

Swire Shipping has today announced a new direct monthly link between Tasmania, Asia, New Zealand and the Pacific.  Swire Shipping and has a reasonably solid track record serving regional markets in Australasia and obviously believes there is sufficient demand for the new service.  With more Australian traders expanding their markets beyond Australia, Tasmanian machinery importers and exporters will no doubt be seeking to capitalise on the more direct access Freightplus can now offer to these markets, through the new Swire Shipping service.

The service will deploy 3 x 31,000dwt new build vessels that will be progressively deployed into the service throughout the year. These multi-purpose (break-bulk) vessels are self-geared, fitted with 120mt lifting capacity, capable of accommodating most mining, construction and farm machines shipped from Tasmania, as well as containerised cargoes.

The service will form part of the Asia-Pacific-Australasia (APA) service and commence with the first of its monthly, direct callers (m/v “Pine 6” voyage 1302N) expected on March 8th into Bell Bay, Tasmania.

From Bell Bay, the ships will first sail to New Zealand, then on to PNG, New Caledonia, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, China and Indonesia with transhipment connections into Micronesia, USA, Canada and Europe.

Freightplus offers regular shipping services connecting Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, New Caledonia and Papua New Guinea and welcomes the introduction of additional capacity into the trade.  Specialising in the door to door, international movement of heavy machinery (mining, construction and agricultural machinery), Freightplus offers comprehensive pre-shipment services globally, including right across Australia and through Asia and the Pacific Rim.



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