Dismantling and assembling heavy machinery worldwide

May 5, 2017


Mining and industrial operations rely on heavy machinery for their success. With these projects taking place all over the world, it’s crucial that the vital equipment needed is available and delivered on time. But what are some of the considerations that need to be taken into account when organising shipping of oversized machinery?

Save time, money and stress by consulting the experts

Coordination is a key aspect of delivery goods on time. When the items being shipped weigh hundreds of tonnes, however, expertise in the process from start to finish is imperative.

At Freightplus, our pre-shipment services have every aspect covered, including:

  • Pre-purchase, technical machinery appraisal of all machinery, from mining machinery to cranes, yachts, barges and more.
  • Partial or complete dismantling and reassembly of heavy machinery.
  • Steam cleaning to the relevant used-machinery biosecurity standards of the destination country.
  • Tyre-handling.
  • Oxy-cutting and welding.
  • Packing, packaging and containerisation.
  • Lifting plans.
  • Surveying.
  • Wide load and heavy load trucking services from site to port.
  • Transportation by landing craft and barges for remote sites.
  • Mechanical support prior to shipment.
  • Load restraint.
  • Supervision of ship loading.
  • Full range of Customs services, including documentation and formalities for export.
  • Coordination of permits and licenses.

Our team can handle everything, helping you avoid lengthy dismantling times, quarantine risks and the need to employ multiple companies at various points around the world. We at Freightplus offer comprehensive post- and pre-shipment services to meet the needs of every project.

Our pre-shipment services ensure everything runs smoothly.

Assembly and delivery to your doorstep

One shining example of our collective services is the sourcing of a 360-tonne barge, an attached 100-tonne crawler crane and two used tug boats for one of our valued Australian customers. The project required a number of elements to work in sync to be considered a success:

  • Chartering an appropriate heavy-lift vessel for the oversized machinery.
  • Insurance coordination and pre-shipment handling.
  • Careful dismantling of equipment.
  • Sand-blasting and antifouling.
  • Design engineering, testing and fitting 4 x 120-tonne lifting lugs.
  • Painting.
  • Replacing zinc anodes.
  • Quarantine clearance unique to the size of the machinery.
  • Delivery of the equipment reassembled and in a ready-to-work state.

The challenges presented by the unique project meant that Freightplus needed to think outside the box. This meant coordinating with our partners to make use of a heavy-lift vessel, the careful piece-by-piece dismantling and full refurbishment of the machinery and organising an AQIS officer to be flown from Australia to conduct an offshore quarantine inspection.

Ultimately, the project was a success, with the Freightplus team delivering the machinery in a refurbished and work-ready state, in full and on time.

If your project requires the shipment of heavy machinery or help with dismantling or assembling vehicles for mining or construction, get in touch with the experts at Freightplus today. Our team will be happy to take care of everything.


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