CAT 777D’s, door to door from Kobe to Kazakhstan


To safely and economically prepare and transport 5 CAT777D rear dump trucks from Kobe in Japan to a nickel mine in Kazakhstan.


FCA, Freightplus yard, Kobe, Japan


FOR, Shamierden, Kazakhstan

Job Specifics

Freightplus Japan took delivery of 5 fully assembled, 65-tonne mining trucks, at our yard.

Our intended transport route was across the Sea of Japan to Vladivostok and, from there, across Russia to northeastern Kazakhstan.  Prior to shipment, we calculated the necessary dismantling, taking into account the electric rail’s overhead wires and numerous tunnels.  We prepared technical drawings for the Russian rail authorities.

Once accepted, the crew in Japan commenced dismantling.  Dump bodies were removed and cut in two, with the two pieces nested inside each other. To reduce chargeable shipping volume, the trucks’ wheels and tyres were removed and stowed inside the nested dump bodies.  Tailgates, catwalks, railings, brakes, struts, and other components were removed and all items were secured.  Shipping containers were purchased to load the smaller components for safe shipment and for use as storage sheds upon arrival at the new mine site.

During the process of cargo preparation, our crew in Japan simultaneously took care of the Japanese vendor and a number of Russian, Kazakh, and Australian visitors representing various interests in the trucks. A suitable vessel was chartered and the trucks shipped to Vladivostok.  Freightplus’ Russian representatives supervised the discharge on arrival, completion of Russian Customs formalities for transshipment and loading, and lashing onto railway wagons. Both break-bulk and containerised components were loaded onto the same train to reduce costs and armed guards were positioned at either end.  Special lifts were coordinated with the destination station master in Kazakhstan and the trucks were delivered to the site.


Consignment delivered in full, on time, and within budget.


Freightplus. Worldwide.

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