Container freight update for Oceania from MAERSK

May 5, 2022

Container freight update for Oceania from MAERSK

  • Greater China Area Covid- 19 update – Lockdown continues in Shanghai and Beijing. Extensions of the Maersk relief package to assist on Detention & Demurrage. Please monitor customer advisories.
  • Re-Opening reefer bookings to Shanghai port, with first cargo accepted to arrive in Shanghai from 26 June 2022 and onwards. Please monitor customer advisories.
  • Korea, Busan berth waiting time is increasing with the delay now at 36hours.
  • Tanjung Pelepas and Singapore hubs remain with low wait times.
  • Felixstow and London Gateway have reopened since congestion has alleviated and yard density is at lower levels.
  • Cotton Season commencing in AU late May leading to increased demand for export space to South East Asia.
  • Equipment management: 20FQ remains tight with limited availability. High demand for 20 equipment continues with the large agricultural season in AU.
  • REEFER demand continues to build in NZ during the peak season. REEFER equip availability remain tight in OCE due to demand.

Australian Container Terminals


  • Patrick: Congestion with average 6-7 days delays and 10-11 days for off window vessels
  • DP World: Average delay of 3-5 days for vessels that are already delayed and off the berthing window


  • Patrick: Current average delays of 0.5-2 days
  • DP World: 0.5-1 day average delay for vessels that are already delayed and off the berthing window.
  • VICT: Current delays at 1-3 days for off window vessels


  • Patrick: Minimum 2-3 days delay
  • DP World: Minimum 1 day delay for off window vessels


  • Patrick: 0.5–2 days delay
  • DP World: Congestion with average 1 – 3 days delay for vessels that are already delayed and off the berthing window


Equipment update with Maersk (no 20’s)


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