How do you move oversized machinery on land?

March 3, 2017


Whether you’re looking to ship oversized machinery via air or sea freight, a major part of the process will involve transporting the equipment in question to the port it’s destined to leave from. It’s a process we have plenty of experience with, but one that might not be clear for businesses unfamiliar with heavy machinery relocation services.

Depending on the nature of the load, it may need to be deconstructed. In some cases, the road itself will have to be cleared of obstacles to ensure there’s a safe passage between destinations. How does Freightplus ensure we’re moving your equipment safely?

The challenges in moving oversized machinery

Both size and weight present a range of complications when it comes to shipping specific machinery and equipment. The dimensions involved impact the shipping process in a range of ways, from the type of transport needed to carry the goods to the roads that it can travel on.

There are a number of challenges that arise when moving oversized machinery on land.

In the case of mining machinery in particular, these items could require extensive cleaning to ensure they will meet quarantine standards when leaving one port and arriving in another. To overcome this, we may need to deconstruct machinery or change the route to find a suitable spot to clean it.

On top of the practical barriers to moving oversized machinery, there are also regulatory and compliance measures to adhere to which can differ by country and region.

Proven experience shipping equipment on land

There are numerous occasions where Freightplus has succeeded in moving oversized equipment across land before it is transferred to air or sea freight services. A job where we were tasked with shipping eight mining trucks from Indonesia to Darwin saw us presented with many of the complications described above.

For one, the roads to the river where the trucks were due to begin their journey across the ocean required modification to ensure safe passage for the cargo. This involved temporarily removing overheard power and phone lines and cutting tree branches that were likely to get in the way.

Freightplus successfully moved eight trucks from Indonesia to Darwin.

The job also proved how valuable it is to be adaptable in these circumstances. Heavy rain meant the main route to the quarantine cleaning zone was unusable, forcing us to promptly find an alternate site where eight mining trucks could be cleaned to Australian quarantine standards despite the inclement weather.

The project was successful, proving how important it is to be aware of the various challenges that can arise when moving oversized equipment on land. To find out how we can move your oversized machinery, get in touch with our team today.


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