Case Studies

Delivery of a 2013 Meridian 441 Sedan from Florida to Sydney

2013 Meridian 441 Sedan at port

Brief: To ship a 2013 44’ Meridian luxury cruising yacht from Florida to Sydney.

Transport of mining machinery from Germany to Kazakhstan

Komatsu PC3000 excavator

Brief: To ship two factory new, CKD Komatsu PC3000 excavators from Germany to Kazakhstan.

10 units of 140 tonne Caterpillar dump trucks from La Negra, Chile to Bunbury, Australia

140-tonne Caterpillar dum trucks in Chile

Brief: To provide cost effective door to door movement of 10 x CAT 793C dump trucks from a mine site in Chile to Bunbury, Western Australia, within specific, limited delivery parameters.

Machinery package from Thailand

Mining machines ready for shipment from Thailand

Brief: To ship various machines purchased from Sri Racha area, to Brisbane, including mechanical assessments and responsibility for AQIS and DEH compliance.

CAT 777D’s, door to door from Kobe to Kazakhstan

Brief: To safely and economically prepare and transport 5 units CAT777D rear dump trucks from Kobe in Japan to a nickel mine in Kazakhstan.

Shipment of 360 tonne barge crane ex worksite Yamaguchi, Japan

Shipping a 360-tonne barge crane

Brief: Door to door movement of a 360 metric tonne barge from work-site at Yamaguchi, Japan to Port Adelaide, including refurbishment, Customs and quarantine clearances.

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